End-Window Counter Tube Type G

End-Window Counter Tube Type G is conceived for measurement of ALPHA-, BETA- and Gamma-RAYs.

Type G is the more powerful edition of Counter Tube A and delivers a measuring sensitivity which is about five times as high.

Type G has got a fixed lace - 3 ft. (about one metre) of length. It is a pure contamination Counter Tube which does not work as a dosimeter because its probe with its extremely high measuring sensitivity gets into the area of saturation very quickly when used with high radiation.

The combination of ALPHAiX with Counter Tube Type G is mainly favoured by laboratory specialised trade. Besides contamination measurement - for example of victuals - this Counter Tube is used for scientific, industrial and laboratory purposes. For mobile use it is very important to protect the extremely sensitive End-Window-Membrane.

Technical Data

The Counter Tube has got a synthetic frame with a security-cap f or the End-Window. The cap can be removed for contamination measurements. The Counter Tube is fixed to the basic device by a cord - 1m of length.

  Operating Instruction

This product is applicable only with base device ALPHAiX 3000!

Sensor type end-window counter with glimmer
Base diameter 19,83 mm
glimmer 1,5 - 2,0 mg/qcm
Alpha radiation ab 1,9 MeV
Beta radiation ab 0,09 MeV
Gamma radiation ab 0,01 MeV
dose measurement range 0,0001 - 100 mR/h
zero rate 28 Ipm
detection limit 4 Bq cesium 137 at a 3cm distance and a measurement period of 10 minutes
power supply through base device

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