Counter Tube Type B

Counter Tube Type B is applicable for measurement of BETA- and GAMMA-RAYs.

The chief attraction of this probe consists in its versatility. In addition to ordinary surface measurements it is perfectly appropriate to measuring inside objects and liquids of all kind.

As a diving probe Counter Tube B delivers maximum sensitivity and guarantees excellent measuring quality concerning victual controls of all kind. This probe is waterproof up to 3 inches (about 8 centimetres) and completely washable.

For contamination measurement the protective covering has to be detached! For usage as dosimeter the protective covering has to used!

Technical Data

The Counter Tube has got a synthetic frame with a security-cap which can be removed during contamination measurement. The Counter Tube can also be used as a diving tube inside liquids because it is waterproof up to the plug-connection. The extensional cord is included to the package but it is not waterproof.

  Operating Instruction

This product is applicable only with base device ALPHAiX 3000!

Sensor type high quality steel liquid-flow counter
Beta radiation ab 0,20 MeV
Gamma radiation ab 0,02 MeV
dose measurement range 0,001 - 100 mR/h
zero rate ca. 8 Ipm
detection limit 15 Bq cesium 137 bei einem Abstand von 3cm und einer Messzeit von 10 Minuten
detection limit in bulk material 1,5 Bq cesium 137
power supply through base device
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counter tube type B
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