Counter Tube Type FSZ

Counter Tube Type FSZ is a diving probe conceived for measurement of BETA- and GAMMA-RAYs.

In comparison to Counter Tube Type B this probe is larger and it allows – in addition to ordinary dry- and surface-measurements – the opportunity of highly precise measurement deep inside objects and large liquid volumes.

For this purpose the probe is equipped with a waterproof lace – 3 ft. of length (about 1 metre) which permits underwater measurement for professional demand.

Counter Tube Type FSZ is the most efficient model among our diving probes, appropriate to victual controls. Especially for mobile usage diving probes are much easier to handle as end-window Counter Tubes, for diving probes can be deposited on the object which you want to measure. This is normally not possible with end-window Counter Tubes.

Technical Data:

The tube is similar to Counter Tube Type B - just it is a double-tube.

  Operating Instruction

This product is applicable only with base device ALPHAiX 3000!

Sensor type high quality steel liquid-flow double counter tube
Beta radiation ab 0,20 MeV
Gamma radiation ab 0,02 MeV
dose measurement range 0,001 - 100 mR/h
zero rate ca. 16 Ipm
detection limit 15 Bq cesium 137 at a 3cm distance and a measurement period of 10 minutes
detection limit in bulk material 1,5 Bq cesium 137
power supply through base device
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