The RAYdector is a dosimeter designed for mobile purposes.

It allows high-sensitivity measurement of GAMMA-Rays in handheld-format.

A Geiger-Müller-Counter-Tube following DIN 6818 is integrated in this device while the dosimeter is displayed by an LCD, simply on a keystroke.

Technical Data

The RAYdector possesses 4 different Information-Displays which you can choose from:
  1. Display of currently transmitted impulses from the start of measurement
      » ...I

  2. Display of the average value within one minute
      » .../m

  3. Display of Sv/h - concerning the last 100 impulses
      » ...S

  4. Display of the average in Sv/h concerning the whole test series
      » ...

RAYdector is a stand alone system. It has an built-in counter tube and cannot be extended by external tubes !

The functions of dose-alerts are programmable.

The electric power supply either works with a 9-Volt-Blockbattery or a 9-Volt-adapter in mains operation.

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