End-Window Counter Tube Type A

The end-window counter tube Type A allows measurement of ALPHA-, BETA- and GAMMA-RAYs.

It has been conceived for measurement on the surface of objects. Counter tube A in combination with base device ALPHAiX is predominantly used as technical teaching material n the field of natural sciences at colleges and universities.

Counter Tube A ist not designed for food measurement!

Moreover counter tube A covers diverse industrial purposes, for example geology, mineralogy or radiology as well as general environmental protection.

Importers favor counter tube A in order to precontrol import articles, for example coming from CIS-Countries.

Technical Data

The Counter Tube has got a synthetic frame and the end-window is protected by a removable security-cap. It can either be fixed directly or to a extensional cord, which is about 50 cm of length. The extensional cord is included to the Counter Tube package.

  Operating Instruction

This product is applicable only with base device ALPHAiX 3000!

Sensor type end-window counter with glimmer
Base diameter 9,14 mm
glimmer 1,5 - 2,0 mg/qcm
Alpha radiation ab 1,9 MeV
Beta radiation ab 0,09 MeV
Gamma radiation ab 0,01 MeV
dose measurement range 0,0001 - 100 mR/h
zero rate ca. 20 Ipm
detection limit 12 Bq cesium 137 at a 3cm distance and a measurement period of 10 minutes
power supply through base device
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counter tube type A
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