Base device ALPHAiX 3000

The base device ALPHAiX is an extremely light and handy instrument for contamination measurement – conceived as well for mobile as stationary purposes.

The ALPHAiX device allows contamination measurement even of food and bevarages. At a this price range there should not be a comparable product.

ALPHAiX is equipped with a microprocessor controlled analysing-system, which can be implemented with different probes (counter tubes) for all purposes.

This compatibility to all of our counter tubes makes the ALPHAiX device a mobile allrounder on every field of professional radiation measurement. Its robust and clearly arranged design moreover guarantee maximum functionality.

Technical Data

The device supports 3 measurement programs which you can choose from:

 Impulses per measurement sequence,

 Impulses per minute (arithmetic average),

 Sv/h (Microsievert per hour)

  Operating Instruction

ALPHAiX 3000 is a base device, operating with additional counter tubes

ALPHAiX 3000 cannot be operated without extensions!

Storage The device stores the latest 40 measurement values
Alarm Warning levels are freely adjustable
Display digital, 8 positions
Interface the device provides a computer interface
Temperature range -10C bis +50C
Power supply 9 Volt Block-Battery
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 3 cm
Weight 145 g (incl. battery)
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ALPHAiX 3000
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